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Your exterior Doors should provide you with security but it should be the best security. Local news reported that police had to find an alternative way in to a house because they couldn't gain entry through a Rock Door.This is the level that comes with not only a Rockdoor , but can be attained to a similar level in all composite and upvc doors.

Rockdoor security upgrades​

door lock exampleWith an option of 4 locking hooks made of solid brass & coated nickel, and fully reinforced door slab combined with antibump key barrel with the availability of a second internal Yale Snip. T-bar and optional reinforced mesh  running through the door slab as an extra security dimension.

The security of this door is by far beyond the best door in its class.

Not only are these locks Anti Bump, they mean you are also protected against a variety of other ways of accessing your home.

rockdoor secured by design logoYes you can upgrade any modern style door

With an ever increasing amount of burglaries in the current financial climate, it is shocking to know that the vast amount of intruders these days are not professional career house breakers, but actually kids sharing and using a frightening new way of gaining entry to your home called (BUMPING). Information on bumping is being passed around the internet with video’s of how it’s done. Special bumping keys can easily be purchased online, or homemade by following a few simple instructions.

This  creates a major insurance problem, as there is no damage or proof of entry it makes a claim difficult and possibly none existent.These locks or also known as cylinders can easily be change to any modern style door. The cylinder is no longer easily bypassed,  therefore the multipoint hooks and locking system in the door strip  stay as they are. Each individual door slab or sash will have its own level of accessiblity, but the lock upgrades are a big step in the right direction of preventing very easy access.

It goes without saying that the police encourage and endorse such products.

double glazed rockdoor write up The Door that beat the Bobbies

When Lancashire Police had to forcibly enter a house through the front door with their rams and batons, it turned out to be an impossible task!

Why? Well because, unknown to them, the door in question happened to be a Rock Door. Even with some of the best equipment around the Police team were very impressed by the door, to say the least, with the Rock Doors unrivalled powers of resistance and all round strength. They had to abandon their operation and find an alternative method to gain entry to the house.

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