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It could be that you just want to give your home an exterior makeover. Maybe to replace those unsightly, draughty windows and give the place a stylish fresh new appearance . 

key features:

BFRC energy rated and British standard accredited 

Your bills aren’t going to up, and there’ll be a positive impact on your bank balance.

Our Double glazed units are constructed with low iron outer glass that allows maximum solar energy to pass through easily. The inner pane of the unit reflects the heat back into the living areas.

Our frames have additional internal chambers to improve insulation and security. 

Security should not only be to deter a break in, it is as important for people trying to get out. Fire escape hinges should be fitted in all upstairs locations in every home.

     highest quality upvc      


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A Vertical Sliding Sash Window

All of our PVC window range is internally beaded, this means the glass is installed and beaded from the inside for additional security.                          

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