composite doors southport    composite door southport

Composite Doors Southport

Composite doors or GRP stands for glass reinforced polyester ( fibre glass) and is a two part plastic compound that is hardened and reinforced by applying polyester resin to a multi strandeded base.

These doors are a value for money approach to the next generation of doors to take over the upvc front door,  and becoming increasingly more popular with respected home owners.

How Do I Look After My New Door ?

Composite doors should only ever be cleaned with a sponge and running water, do not use abrasive or chemical cleaners. 

Becoming more and more popular as an alternative to the well known and branded Rockdoors, these doors give the same quality and looks at a slightly cheaper price.

It is difficult to spot a GRP composite door at first glance as they so convincingly look like a painted timber door. They imitate so well that a lot of people only realize that they are a  composite door  on closer inspection. They give your property a more distinctive well presented look. 

They are a good opportunity to put your stamp and your personality on your home and add a little colour.

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Composite front doors have up to 6 times the insulating properties of a traditional timber door. They also benefit from modern design techniques that eliminate the usual faults on exterior doors- including poor performance, security problems and a short lifespan. A number of different materials are used to make up the door, hence the name ‘composite’.

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