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Conservatories For Southport

Conservatories are a large and wise investment for your home and we pride ourselves on being there to cater for your needs. You can rest assured it is the most cost effective way to extend your home and kitchen.

In these modern times it is imperative to get the conservatory as insulated as possible so that it doesn't end up being left empty for half of the year. 

What To Glaze In Conservatories ?​

As far as roofing materials are concerned there isn't an unlimited choice. But there are various grades of each, and depending on how much conservatory living you would like depends on what you choose.

What Are Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets ?

These roofing panels are the commonly used and do a job as far as purpose versus price. They range from the very basic types right up to the more modern heat guard which prevents the UV from heating conservatories to unbearable temperatures.​

Can I Use Glass Roofing Panels ?

Glass roofing panels in conservatories have come down in price and are more affordable than previously. It is important to realise that they are still more expensive than polycarbonate sheets, and the labour time to install is usually double the time.

Is There The Option Of Self Cleaning Glass ?

There is the option of self cleaning glass which helps a lot with the internal easthetics,  and comes with a few slight shades to prevent any bleaching from the sun. 

The sun activates the synthetic bacteria on contact and raises the dirt from the surface. The rain washses away the dirt leaving an all year round clean roof.

What Are The Benefits Of Glass Roofs ?   

Any glass roof has the benefit of having hardly any noise when there is a heavy downpour. This is one thing polycarbonate roof panels cannot offer.

Bespoke Colour Choices.

​As with windows,  conservatories are now available in a whole range of colours. Ranging from greys and blues to the traditional Rosewoods and oaks. For the customer who likes to flirt with bespoke and unique home improvements this is a perfect solution to stand out from the crowd and get the most out of your purchase. 


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Browse through the brochure below at the various styles and further detailed specification in conservatories that we install.

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