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Fascias and Guttering

We carry out the most detailed work on your PVC fascias and gutters. We only ever remove your existing fascia, as it is bad practice and detrimental to your roof space to cap over old rotten timber. It creates damp and mold issues when the timber sweats behind the plastic upvc  coverboard. Below we talk a bit further as to how we operate this service and how important it is to protecting your property from damp issues.

The Problem

Rooflines are not just cosmetic they have a job to do and they can often start to rot and become an eye sore on any home. Replacing it with our low maintenance system is a cost effective way to solve the problem.

We replace old timber fascia boards withour  PVC boards that do not perish over time or require any upkeep. Using galvanized steel fixings we install the Fascias to the ends of the eaves to provide the perfect stage to mount the gutters and tiles to.

In some cases the end of the eaves may have become rotten and need replacing.

Also referred to as ( Roofline ) protects your home from water damage such as ...


Damage to the spa’s which can mean a costly outlay and is preventable


Sodden ground around the house due to poor leaks in  gutters can start to cause damp issues around the ground level parts of the building and if left can effect the foundations of the building.


Perished felt at the edge of the front tiles can mean water getting behined the gutters. It is possible for this water to eventually get into the wall cavities and start to cause internal damage.

Installation Process And Technique

We install a water proof undercover behind the first row of tiles to undercover any felt that may have perished. We then install your new PVC fascias and soffits. We bed and seal every joint when installing the gutters to prevent any future leaks. This is due to the gutters expansion in the hot summer weather but having to deal with cold nights. Sometimes the gutters can wriggle out of their housing and cause a break in the run of guttering.

These fascias are available in a range of colours to suite any house. Therefore giving a much improved image to your home and prolonging your roofs lifespan. They are available in black, blue and grey as well as the standard white.

Beware Of Over Cladding The Wood

It is difficult to tell whether your existing fascias have started to rot standing from ground level. We have replaced lots of timber fascias and have found that the back of the board is rotting. 

The fact is cladding over the wood is an easier job often carried out by non specialist trades and has a 'low cost' attraction. Our experience is cladding over is not the best solution

Scaffolding And Access.

Unless your property is a bungalow it will almost definitely need to be scaffolded out.  To do work at this height would not only be a health and safety risk but also be detrimental to overall quality of the job .

It is far easier to get the quality expected from working at chest height. This also allows us to give the customer the opportunity if they wish to see any problems of rot in the eaves for themselves.

The scaffolding will be  a seperate price given and will be paid directly to the scaffolder on  taking it down.  We allow our customers to use our  trade discount on scaffolding as it almost always necessary to use on our jobs and generally will not be done without.


-   hard wearing and great finish

-   Fire resistant

-  maintenance free 

-  Anti rotting, non splitting, anti warping 

-  Long lasting even in extreme weather locations

-  10 + year product guarantee 

-  Skilled installation and aftercare service


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