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French And Patio Doors Southport

Patio doors and double glazed French doors are great when entertaining in the summer and for people who spend a lot of time in and out of the garden. 

We can provide you with whole range of PVC french doors and sliding patio doors in various colours. But can also offer a Rockdoor French door that carries all the benefits that come with the Rockdoor brand.

Rock Door created a great range of French Doors bringing the highest security available to your family mixed with amazing good looks and technology.

All the Rockdoor french doors are secured by design with ultra secure locks and laminated glass as standard.

Can I Have A PVC French Door Window conversion?

We can easily convert a kitchen or rear lounge window into Frenchdoors or a sliding patio by using a method commonly known as a “brick down” or “brick out” conversion.

Giving the room more light and the effect of more space and utilizing areas of your home not used previously. After cutting down the exterior brick and removing the internal block work we then make good with a timber tread board return the skirting to the doors and make good all the plasterwork.  

Once our customers have painted or decorated you would never know there used to be a window or how they managed without the converted area especially in the warmer months.

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Why French Door Security Is Crucial

As well as giving easy access to your outdoor space a French Door is a popular way of allowing extra light into your home.

However with so many low security systems available it has also become increasingly popular with burglars as a point of easy access! 

In the wrong hands a simple garden spade can be used to open standard French Doors - that's why security is fundamental to the new Rock Door system.

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