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5 things to consider when purchasing Double glazed windows

It seems everybody is an expert when it comes to Upvc double glazed windows and doors. It also seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry is installing them. But there is a reason why you should only deal with companies who specialize in Double glazing and window repair, as installations outside of the industry can be detrimental to your property and could do more damage than good.

  1. Choosing an installer
    Choosing a smaller local window and door installer above a large national company is always going to save you lots of money and fewer headaches.  As these large Double glazing machines cost a lot of money to run. Advertising on the television, radio, national papers, massive internet presence, fleets of vans flashy showrooms etc…
    All these overheads must be paid for and is usually reflected in their huge window price tags .Also many using an inferior profile of window to maximize profits.
    Chances are that you will get lost in the system, and from personal experience in dealing with large national firms, is as soon as you cough up the balance, they don’t want to know you if a problem occurs.  Always go local you will get more of a personal approach and they will respect the fact that you chose them.

  2. Sales representatives.
    Generally Double glazing representatives are operating on commission and spin the same web to every potential customer ( a perfectly practiced web). A sales pitch which is designed to tease as much profit out of you as legally possible. Remember the reps from the larger companies do this for a living all day long and travelling all over the place, so don’t’ feel obliged to buy just because they have come out at night or travelled a long way – some will make you pity them for this – don’t be fooled. If for some reason you have signed on the dotted line, you still have  a 7  day cooling off period where you can cancel everything and take the deposit back. This is unless you have agreed and signed that the work may commence within the stated 7 day cooling off period.

    Choose a smaller local window and door company that states –no sales men…or even better take/ fax or e-mail some measurements and sketches of the styles to the company. Ask them for a price to supply and install ,also to contact you  via e-mail, letter or phone call. Obviously this method would be subject to survey.

  3. Choose the right type of glass.
    Glass technology is at its best and highly insulating. The double glazed glass units fitted into the windows and doors are graded A, B, C. A being the best. You can also get self cleaning glass, obscured, toughened safety glass, laminated etc. Choose the correct glass for that specific place or have the surveyor advise you.

  4. Experience counts.
    Experience counts for a lot when it comes to the actual installation of your new Double glazing. The installer needs at least 10 years under their belt to have an experienced background enough to have come up against all situations and different types and styles of property, as all houses weren’t built the same way by the same process. Your local builder or jobber might think he can correctly install upvc windows and upvc doors – but realistically a specialized individual will have a much better professional finish, be technically wiser –know a lot more tricks and tips for the customers maintenance of the windows and also be a lot quicker, tidier etc..
    They will be set up with a system and have the correct tools and be up to date with new regulations and advice. Any other way could be detrimental to your home and reduce the efficiency of your new double glazed windows and doors.

  5. Checklist.
    • Choose a small local firm you can trust.
    • Don’t be pressured into buying.
    • Make sure you choose the correct glass.
    • Do research on your product. Brand names and specification is important. Inferior cheap products will bring problems in the future.
    • Any glass that goes down from your waist to the floor or ( 800mm up from the floor must be toughened safety glass)
    • have a look down your street as to which style of windows best suites the properties.
    • Make sure the frames are glazed from the inside.
    • Ask for a seperate price to upgrade from a C Rated to an A.
    • Ask for alternative ideas and suggestions that you may not have thought of.
    • Make sure you have a fire escape front and back.
    • Ask the surveyor to make you aware of any foreseeable problems, lintels missing above windows , plaster  problems,  brickwork damage , access problems etc..
    • Make sure you have a 10 year guarantee on your products.
    • Make sure the installation team have enough experience, remember It’s your property at risk.
    • Make sure the fitters use plenty of dust sheets and protectors around and throughout the house where work is to commence.
    • Make sure your new double glazed door or composite door has anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-snap locks in them.
    • Never accept or be sold something you are not completely happy with. speak up.
    • Make sure that the company has public liability
    • make sure that the company is FENSA registered. This will guarantee  the correct proceedures will be carried out. The correct products will be installed, protect you from cowboys and prove the correct installation with a certificate to future buyers in the sale of your home.
    • make sure that there is at least an "offer" of an insurance backed guarantee in place.
    • The cheapest price is not always the correct way of choosing your preferred firm, look at other benefits - along with certain things that stand out and give you a feeling of trust. No two companies operate the same. A bad experience with one firm doesn't mean all are alike.

*Remember to ask questions you feel are important, and don’t worry about how naive or stupid the questions are as the customer is not supposed to be the expert.

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